Greivous - main workstation

Vader - fileserver

Kenobi - laptop

OrangePi - router an old Mac Mini 2.1, Netbook 1001P, Revo 3610, BeagleBone Black and about thirty Raspberry Pi's of various models!

I like to fool around with emulators, checking out different operating systems, I've got about thirty UNIX, macOS and Windows VM's running under QEMU-KVM right now, I used to run about every version of RISC OS from Arthur to Select on RedSquirrel, I've also played with Xen, VMWare, Parallels and VirtualBox; MS VirtualServer sucks of course.....

I enjoy programming. I used to be into BBC BASIC and ARM assembler but now I mostly code C/C++ for pleasure and Python/shell/Go for work. I hate Java and .NET